Glenda Hinchliffe

Glenda's riding career stems back to her childhood, when at age 7 she began to live the dream of all little girls. Her career blossomed rapidly, and with the support of her parents she swiftly made a name for herself amongst the show and dressage fraternity.

Years on, that dream is still being lived with many success' along the way. Glenda's career has branched out from illustrious rider, to development coach, trainer, and mentor for many promising riders and young horses. Under her watchful eye, a myriad of talented and eager riders have been able to progress at a rate only imaginable by some.

She began teaching at the age of 18 and has gone from strength to strength, by pooling her talent as a successful rider, together with her professional training from wonders such as Christopher and Jane Bartle (Yorkshire 
England), Bjorn Binderi (Denmark), Paul Beck (Germany) and her time in the USA training and teaching.

With the aquisition of her two latest stallions, Salute the Stars (Salute) and Glandore Western Star (Wolkenstein 11 - by Weltmyer), Glenda aims to be out competing again solidly and developing a successful breeding program.

Glenda Hinchliffe

Wyronga Park


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