Wyronga Park

Wyronga Park Riding Academy

Wyronga Park Riding Academy was established as a HRCAV affiliated club in 2007. 
The Club caters for a wide range of riders who enjoy the social aspects of Club membership and provides access to the extensive HRCAV competition system and support through to EA competitive circuit.

Supporting the HRCAV aims, Wyronga Park Riding Academy objectives are to:

Promote interest in equestrian sports
Educate, Train, Coach and Encourage Club members
Provide a fun environment to join like minded riders for social activities, lessons, rallies or competition

All riders (and non riders) are welcome to join our light hearted club. The club is open to Junior and Senior riders, beginners to advanced level and those who simply require another excuse to join with friends and play with horses! The HRCAV member minimum age is 12 years old which means there is no need for you to load up and go in different directions, family and friends can all join and compete for the same club. 

Held at Wyronga Park Equestrian Centre, rallies are operated on a monthly basis all year round in both the indoor and outdoor arena . Glenda Hinchliffe is the resident coach with guest instructors and focus clinics introduced throughout the year. Small groups of no more than 3 ensure all riders recieve full attention in their rally lessons. Each group is arranged according to level/experience of the rider, this ensures the coaching is focused at the correct level and importantly that you feel comfortable riding with others of the same experience.

All members are welcome to join the regular club meetings, a relaxed evening to catch-up and participate in the discussions and decisions regarding the future direction of our club.

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