I'm a Para-Equestrian, training under the watchful and skilled eye of Glenda and Faye Hinchliffe at Wyronga Park. With my team of horses, I have managed to be long listed for the Rio Paralympic Games, and am currently looking beyond to WEG in 2018, and Tokyo in 2020. 

I started riding at Wyronga Park around 8 or so years ago. I still remember my first lesson with Glenda, where I rode the school horse at the time. His name was Bubs, and he was well trained and helped me develop a feel for particular movements. One lesson to note was the day I did my first ever flying change, and from that moment I was absolutely addicted to dressage. 

My current team of horses live at Wyronga Park. Precision, affectionately known as Dino, is my Grand Prix horse, who has helped me to better understand the higher level movements and has allowed me to focus on develop my own skills. Whilst Little Brave, aka Minty, was a scared little project horse who has just gone from strength to strength. Together, we have moved from Prelim to Medium level, and are looking towards our first Advanced start. Minty is the horse I hope to qualify for Tokyo. I also have a very lovely, very big baby horse, Revelwood Delirium, who we call Alfie. He is currently 3 years old, and has just been broken in. Definitely one to watch for the future!

Zoƫ Vorenas

Wyronga Park


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